Seamlessly merging mind and machine

Our award-winning software reads brain waves and ‘converts thoughts into actions’.

Winner of NeurIPS 2021 Competition
#1 in the first-of-its kind 'Benchmarks for EEG Transfer Learning' competition at the world’s premier machine-learning conference.

Our hardware-agnostic software pushes the boundaries of machine learning to fully unlock the power of next-gen brain-computer interfaces

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence

Cogitat uses AI to read brain waves and convert them into digital commands. Our aim is to be the leading machine-learning driven, electroencephalogram (“EEG”) decoding software company. With EEG software inadequate for the wearable revolution, we provide a viable solution to reliably convert thoughts into actions via device and subject agnostic technology.

The future of Virtual Reality

By creating a unique connection between mind, body and machine, Cogitat empowers inclusive Virtual Reality applications. Our software technology enables all users - including those with physical impairments - to actively participate in the upcoming, immersive metaverse.

The new era of wearable devices

Our plug-and-play software allows scalability in the new era of wearable devices, combining world-leading machine learning with world-leading neuro-informatics. We are taking EEG decoding out of the lab and bringing it into people’s homes.

Winner of NeurIPS 2021 BEETL AI Competition

#1 in the first-of-its kind ‘Benchmarks for EEG Transfer Learning’ competition at the world’s premier machine-learning conference.


Check out the live demo of our mind controlled games at Imperial College Lates.

Full Video


Check out the live demo of our mind controlled games at Imperial College Lates.

Full Video

Converting brainwaves into digital commands

Deep Tech

We create core IP with cutting-edge AI/ML-empowered brainwave decoders trained on real-life EEG data

Life-changing Interfaces

We develop device-agnostic technology that can interface with any EEG headset and sensor configuration, including devices that haven’t even hit the market!

Robustness to real-world problems

We equip our brainwave decoders with ground-breaking robustness to real-world EEG signal quality problems, such as poor skin-sensor contact or even sensor hardware failures.

Plug and play Interaction

We build person-independent brainwave decoders, ready to operate on new users and boost plug-and-play brain-computer interaction without the need for long calibration sessions.


12 July 2023 - Imperial College London

Cogitat partnered with NHS to bring its neurotechnology to stroke patients

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26 June 2023

Cogitat Mind Controlled Games at Imperial College Lates

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14 June 2023 - The Times

I played a video game just by thinking - the mind-reader revolution is real

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01 March 2023 - sifted

Want to drive using mind control? This brainwave-reading tech could make it happen

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25 February 2023 - BBC News

Can mind-controlled VR games help stroke patients?

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“We could have VR games for rehabilitation, or games that could improve reaction times and performance in sports.”

Allan Ponniah/ CEO of Cogitat

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